‘Disarmingly great guitar solos complete a picture of a band who aren’t as appreciated as they deserve to be.’ The Guardian

We have said it before but The Wave Pictures are the ultimate DiY pop group.  The three members Dave Tattersall (guitar / singer), Franic Rosycki (bass) and Jonny Helm (drums) carry the key traits of being mutually obsessive about music, highly skilled musicians, and entirely focused on the pursuit of their creative expression.  The fact that they are great mates also helps, they will celebrate 20 years as a band in 2018.  Their singular determination and unparalleled artistic vision sees them knock out high quality albums and projects at a rate many of their contemporaries could only be envious of.  Their insatiable appetite for self-organised live touring – particularly across western Europe, is earning them an ever widening fanbase and we are delighted to have them perform at Cloudspotting for what is becoming something of an every-other-year occasion – it will be their fourth appearance overall.  Since they were last with us, the Waves have released their 16th studio album, ‘Bamboo Diner in the Rain’ and a 10′ EP Canvey Island Baby’ by way of tribute to Wilko Johnson, of Dr Feelgood fame.  We look forward to them playing on Saturday afternoon.



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