The Earlies



The Earlies


“The whole thing is totally daft, you’ve got to be amazed it works at all.”┬áChristian Madden (The Earlies)

IT’S just over 10 years since The Earlies announced themselves to the world with their debut long player These Were The Earlies. The ‘core four’ – combining the composing and arranging talents of Christian Madden and Giles Hatton (Lancashire) with Jean-Mark Lapham and Brandon Carr (Texas), laid the foundations for a gloriously organic live band spectacle featuring an additional cast of seven more musicians.

At the time, this blindly optimistic sound that bound together elements of prog rock, folk, country and psychedelic pop, had the critics purring.

“An astoundingly accomplished collection of flawlessly interesting and compulsively beautiful songs” said Uncut.

“A deliriously ambitious record packed with neo-psych lullabies and swooning choruses” said Pitchfork.

The Earlies followed up with another menacingly ambitious album The Enemy Chorus two years later. More fanfare followed but the testing trans-Atlantic gulf between its core members would lead the group into an indefinite hiatus.

Although nobody would have known it at the time, The Earlies played their ‘final’ uproarious gig on the main stage at The Green Man in the August of 2007, six months after the release of The Enemy Chorus.

Roll on to 2015 and it emerges that sonic ideas (“an album’s worth of riffs in keys and tempos” says Madden) have been shared in the clouds.

So with Lapham and Carr scheduled to make a summer visit to reunite with the Lancashire based Earlies and the band to undertake in some fresh recording sessions, Cloudspotting is extremely chuffed to mark its 5th anniversary by hosting a very special one-off festival show.

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