The Bramble Napskins

The Bramble Napskins are a carnivalesque cacophony of life and sound. With saxophone, flute, clarinet, accordion, electric guitar, bass and drums, they’re an orchestra brimming with young, fierce energy, all underpinned by the piercing soprano tones of the lead vocalist.

“Part Trembling Bells, part Sandy Denny, its Bellowhead gone freeform, they throw everything at everything.” American UK

You’ll hear contemporary klezmer anthems, roaring tales of Dickensian plight, melancholy musings and grooving folk jigs, epic pop ballads and Schubertesque love songs, scream inducing waltzes and virtuosic improvisations doffing the cap to influences from John Coltrane to Jimmy Page.


For more 2017 line-up information, click here.

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