Sunstack Jones sound like they should come from a starry desert or a sun kissed beach. They don’t.  Although Richy does live near the beach in the Wirral, and Lorcan lives near the bleak Lancashire moors.  So with rose tinted glasses, and a bit of a squint, it’s close enough.

Sunstack Jones sound like summer, even when listening in winter’ Bitter Sweet Symphonies

Their expansive sound, sun drenched, reverb heavy melodies and blissed out psych has seen them release two albums, several singles and an EP. 2017 sees them release their third album, Some Pale Morning on Brass Button Records.

Fans of dreampop, shoegaze, psych, blues and woozy guitars will love this as we rev up the engine Friday night.


For more 2017 line-up information, click here.

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