The natural world and the species within it are a bit of a pre-occupation for us Cloudspotters in our forest home. Before we rocket off to Xylanthia with Henge later in the night, we are thrilled to welcome the much loved Moulettes, from Brighton, for their Cloudspotting debut on Friday night.

Huge, complex and compelling.  One of the most thrillingly nimble musical ensembles the UK has produced in decades.’ Prog Magazine

Moulettes’ own musical journey these past few years has seen them teeter from a folky background to more experimental alt pop / prog rock pastures.  This expression defined itself on 2016’s heavyweight ‘Preternatural’ album – the band’s most ambitious and accomplished long player to date. Inspired by the discovery of a microscopic creature that lives miles underground, without oxygen or light, thus redefining the parameters of life as we knew it, the new album became a Moulettes contemplation of the natural world.

‘There’s still so much we don’t know about the planet we live on…the moving space between what we do know and what is unknowable, says Hannah.  ‘The animal kingdom holds such a wealth of beauty, creativity, humour, ingenuity and artistry – we wanted to celebrate it, underline its fragility, to hold up a mirror and compare our own species to others.’

The result is ‘Preternatural’, a mind-expanding concept with rich vocal harmonies, persuasive melodies, giant riffs and big production. The band’s superb musicianship is given centre stage on this record, their tightness and synergy a testament to their relentless tour schedule and breathtaking live shows.


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