Henge won the hearts of the Cloudspotting audience last year when they played on the Festival’s Lawn Stage.  Currently recording their debut album after building up a huge following for their fun filled, surreal live shows, Henge are the perfect pick for the opening night Festival headliner.


A masterful blend of doom, sludge and grind” (freq.org)


Singer of the cosmic concept band who hail from the fictitious planet of ‘Xylanthia’ Zpor, said:  “The human beings at Cloudspotting Festival were some of the most enlightened beings we have encountered on our Earth mission so far.  We danced together, we sang and clapped our hands, all ages united in one song.”


Henge are more than just a band.  They are a movement.  Join us in our mission to colonise space.


For more 2017 line-up information, click here.

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