The genius of Burnley–born DJ Woody (aka Lee Woodvine) has seen the Lancashire DJ been crowned DMC World champion and named as one of Mixmaster Mike’s (Beastie Boys) favourite DJs.

2016 saw the release of his debut solo album, a natural progression for someone who has gained so much acclaim mixing up other people’s beats and pieces.

The best DJ in the World… effortless creativity!” Hudson Mohawke

‘The Point of Contact’ is hand crafted electronic music born from a collection of disparate dusty vinyl samples. Recruiting a cast of Manchester’s finest musicians including Christian Madden (The Earlies), Carl Sharrocks (808 State), Nick Blacka (GoGo Penguin) and Matthew Halsall for recording sessions, the results were returned to vinyl to be re-imagined by the hands of one of the Worlds most accomplished scratch DJs.

The process alone makes the music irrefutably routed in hip hop, however the album takes in influences ranging from jazz-rock, britcore rap, psychedelia and electronica with Woody jokingly referring to it as ‘Prog-Hop’.  We are very excited to see this superb record come to life in a live trio set, bringing to fruition decades of pioneering work in legitimising the turntable as a versatile and expressive musical instrument.

History of Hip-Hop – Cabin in the Woods, Late Friday Night

Known for his innovative approach to the art of turntablism, DJ Woody brings a whole new meaning to the word Disk Jockey. Inventor of a collection of revolutionary creative DJ apparatus and innovator in the world of Video DJing, DJ Woody is truly a reincarnation of the pioneers from the early days of Hip-Hop. Who better to take us on a journey through the rich soulful world of Hip-Hop than the man himself DJ Woody!

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