Cloudspotting 2017.....thanks for making it great again!


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“A classic combination of music, lovely food and drink, family and arts activities in a stunning location. It’s good value, and regulars applaud its non-commercial feel.”

 – The Guardian


“The human beings at Cloudspotting Festival were some of the most enlightened beings we have encountered on our Earth mission so far.  We danced together, we sang and clapped our hands.  All ages, united in one song.”

– Zpor, Henge

A family-friendly festival featuring:

2 Live Music Stages  |  Late night DJs  |  Outdoor Food Court  |   Interactive Arts  |  Music Participation Workshops  |  Cinema  |  Songs & Stories stage |  Early Years Music  |   Family & Field Theatre  |  Outdoor Pursuits  |  Mountain Biking  |  Health & Wellbeing  |  Beer Festival  |  Star Spotting…

“Probably the only festival left where you can listen to the headliner as you snuggle down with your kids and a glowstick in your tent.”

– The Guardian

Cloudspotting Music & Arts Festival 2017 – We are a Northern Festival!

The more acutely logo aware readers out there may have noticed this logo on our flyers, posters, website etc,.  It’s the Northern Festivals Network.  A consortium of festivals committed to increasing the amount of high quality arts touring for families at greenfield festivals in the north of England.  We are in extremely good company with some of the biggest and brightest festivals in the country and Cloudspotting Music & Arts Festival has been a proud member since 2015. With the help of Arts Council England strategic funding, we aim to create an environment where a wide range of high quality outdoor family arts can thrive; utilising the work of great companies to develop audiences for family work outdoors.  Since becoming a member Cloudspotting has seen the benefit of membership and has increased its arts offering reacting to feedback from festival attendees and engaging with the fantastic range of programming offered each year by the network. This year we have Northern Festival Network supported programming throughout the festival and think that our offering is a fantastic fit for our location, audience and all round festival vibe.  This year we have chosen pieces from across the arts including bespoke installations, performance, spoken word and dance.  Some pieces will be in place or available all weekend, some are just for the day.  Although extremely varied, they are all suitable for all, accessible, engaging, interactive and entertaining. Between Still and Storm by Aidan Moesby and Tim Shaw, produced by Kerry Harker Aiming to provoke contemplation and wonder, Between Stillness and Storm presents a large-scale sculptural installation generating audio and visual responses to changing weather conditions, in daylight and...

Have you met Bo yet?

Have you met Bo?  Bo is the newest member of the Cloudspotting team.  She is our Hen Harrier mascot, a spokesbird for our Birds of Bowland Project, produced in partnership with the RSPB Hen Harrier Life Project and featuring activities throughout the weekend. Respecting our festival location In a location managed by the Forestry Commission England, Cloudspotting has the support from the FCE and the Arts Council to bring high level quality arts engagement into the forest, an area of traditionally low arts representation.  Home to some of the most stunning scenery and delicate wildlife habitats in Britain we have always encouraged audiences to explore the surrounding forest and engage with local wildlife.  This has developed to us incorporating wildlife issues into our activities programme to delivery important ecological messages of responsibility to an ever-increasing family audience. In 2016 Bowland AONB brought their Bowland Hay Time project to the festival. Facilitators ran workshops, activities and discussions about the importance of wild meadows to support the animals and insects who inhabit our festival location.  We learnt that these animals included wild birds and from that our Birds of Bowland Project began to take wings…… So why a Hen Harrier? We wanted to make birds that our native to Bowland our focus for the festival this year and we needed to recruit a representative to help promote this.  After research and discussions with the RSPB, Bowland AONB and the Forestry Commission we came to the conclusion that the Hen Harrier, although not alone on the endangered list, had the highest profile and notoriety.  Threatened with extinction this bird has a national network of supporters who scour the skies and...

Forests are friendly – the perfect place for Cloudspotting Festival

Cloudspotting Music and Arts Festival is a family friendly festival with a difference. Cloudspotting doesn’t happen in a field, loaned by the farmer addressing a need for agricultural diversification.  It doesn’t take place in a town or city park, creating a temporary world in an urban environment.  Cloudspotting takes place in the heart of Gisburn Forest, part of the Forest of Bowland, a landscape recognised as an area of outstanding natural beauty. There are 33 AONBs in England, designated in recognition of their national importance and to ensure that their flora, fauna, views, historical and cultural associations are protected for all to enjoy. Living and working landscapes, all beautiful, all different, each AONB has been awarded its designation with individually special qualities. Forest of Bowland AONB designation The Forest of Bowland received it’s designation in 1964 and has several attributes that contribute to it’s outstanding natural beauty: the grandeur and isolation of the upland core the steep escarpments of the Moorland Hills the undulating lowlands the visual contrasts between each element of the overall landscape the serenity and tranquillity of the area the distinctive pattern of settlements the wildlife and the landscape’s historic and cultural associations Sounds beautiful doesn’t it. Gisburn Forest Gisburn Forest is a working and dynamic forest owned by United Utilities, created and managed by the Forestry Commission.  At 3000 acres in size, Gisburn Forest is not only home to Cloudspotting Festival but is a magnet to mountain bikers, walkers, birdwatchers, naturalists and horse riders.  Gisburn Forest Bike Trails are home to some of the best mountain bike runs in the country.  Glide easily along mellow trail by Bottoms Beck, twist and shout through...

Sneaky peak at new material by our Sunday night headliner, This Is The Kit

We are thrilled to have a sneaky peek at a brand new song from our Sunday night headliner, This Is The Kit, in advance of her new album release this July.   Now signed to Rough Trade, this footage of ‘Moonshine Freeze’ being performed in session preludes the forthcoming new album from This Is The Kit due for release on July 7th 2017.  Visit the official website to pre-order your copy on limited edition red vinyl (nice!) as well as other special celebration merchandise. “Cloudsotting Music and Arts Festival is one of my favourites”, Kate Stables This Is The Kit’s leading lady, Kate Stables describes Cloudspotting as ‘one of her favourites’ and last played on our Sunday line-up in 2015.  We cannot wait for her to return with a bigger band and this exciting new material to headline our Sunday night in the forest. Visit our artist page for more info about This Is The Kit or for a full line-up click here. Full weekend tickets for Cloudspotting 2017 are still available and also a limited number of Sunday tickets.  For full ticket information, click here.         Like this:Like...

Cloudspotting the exhibition now on at Mee Maws Cafe in Blackburn

People of Blackburn……is your head in the cloud? Cloudspotting Exhibition now in Blackburn, is a selection of our favourite images of 2016 which capture the energies and excitement of Cloudspotting.  Our collection highlights the beautiful location, quality music programme and engaging arts activities which enables our subjects to picture so attractively. Cloudspotting the Exhibition is now officially a tour! After a fantastic opening residency at the Platform Gallery in Clitheroe, Cloudspotting the Exhibition is now officially a touring exhibition.  From today, it’s current residency is the newest café in Blackburn, Mee Maws 71-73 King William Street.  This fantastic café although newly opened is no stranger to art.  The café is situated under The Cotton Exchange, an iconic Blackburn landmark.  Built in 1863 it has had many uses over the years including a lecture hall where Charles Dickens is said to have given a reading of his work.  It was most recently a cinema (The Apollo) but closed it’s doors in 2005. The venue has recently been taken on by Re:source who plan to restore it sympathetically to become a fantastic venue once again.  Recently the building was  included as a town centre venue by the excellent National Festival of Making where Lazerian and the Carboard Box Company created a surreal installation of alien-like cardboard pods called Chromatogram.   Mee Maw – an exaggerated cotton-mill lip reading language Mee Maws Café takes it name the form of speech derived from exaggerated lip movement to allow lip reading in the cotton mills of old Lancashire, once the main industry of the region.  The exhibition is on display in the café until Friday 26th May and is open Tuesday to Saturday.  This is the first...

Cloudspotting Exhibition on now at Cltheroe’s Platform Gallery

Is your head in the cloud? Cloudspotting Exhibition is a selection of our favourite images of 2016 which capture the energies and excitement of Cloudspotting.  Our collection highlights the beautiful location, quality music programme and engaging arts activities which enables our subjects to picture so attractively. Cloudspotting Music and Arts Festival has produced it’s first exhibition in a proper gallery!   On display until the 15th May at The Platform Gallery in Clitheroe, and influenced by the talented friends of the festival who have been involved in our festival images, we dedicate this exhibition to all Cloudspotters who have contributed in their own way.  Featuring photographs and videos produced by local creatives Derren Lee Poole, Matthew Collinge, Kristien Cooper and Aaron Dunleavy this exhibition gives a mini-slice of our wonderful and rich festival. Bogarts – Curious yet handsome creatures of the forest!   The exhibition includes information about this year’s festival through visual images; including Bo our Kerith Ogden commissioned Hen Harrier and our full musical line-up.    Bo features throughout Cloudspotting 2017 in the pre-festival information and at the festival.  With support from RSPB, the Birds of Bowland Project in our family activities programme explain how we can support Bo and her feathered friends in their forest environment.  As well as introducing Bo and activities for this year, the exhibition features the images of 2016 activities.  A success in 2016, Play in a Day returns to Cloudspotting 2017.  This year Jack Herbert (National Youth Theatre) will facilitate this extremely popular activity on Saturday 29 July. “Its great to have Cloudspotting exhibition here.  The vivid display sums up what makes the music and arts festival so special”m Katherine Rodgers, Arts Development...






Tier 1 tickets On Sale
Adult Weekend £109.00
Kids (2-12yrs) £30.00
Teen (13-17yrs) £55.00
Weekend Car Parking Ticket £10.00
Weekend Live-In Vehicle £30.00

Wonderful to enjoy glorious countryside, a soundtrack of eclectic excellence and no sense of commercial exploitation…

Fun filled, fabulous, friendly full of character festival

Geese flying, adults clapping, children dancing, bubble man blowing, everyone smiling, happiness radiating

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