Cabin in the Woods presented by Gypsy Carrot Productions – Line-up announced!

Cabin in the Woods presented by Gypsy Carrot Productions – Line-up announced!

Cabin in the Woods presented by Gypsy Carrot Productions

Gypsy Carrot Productions return to Cloudspotting this year to invite you on a journey into the heart of Gisburn Forest to discover the mysteries of The Cabin in the Woods!!! As the sun sets over mystic moors, prepare to venture deep into the forgotten forest to a timeless realm of magic and wonderment. Experience an exotic concoction of cosmic dross and gypsy grooves brought to you by travelling purveyors of intergalactic rarities.


DJ Woody ‘History of Hip Hop’

Known for his innovative approach to the art of turntablism, DJ Woody brings a whole new meaning to the name Disk Jockey. Inventor of a collection of revolutionary creative DJ apparatus and innovator in the world of Video DJing, DJ Woody is truly a reincarnation of the pioneers from the early days of Hip-Hop.  Who better to take us on a journey through the rich soulful world of Hip-Hop than the man himself DJ Woody!

Space Cassette DJ’s feat. Talos 4000

Talos 4000 is a peace enforcement machine created by Solsisum Systems to help establish order across the Disputed Worlds.  The rogue unit achieved sentience through advanced meta-programming and was intercepted by the space-faring band of visionaries, Henge.  Since that fortuitous encounter, the amicable automaton has been spreading messages of love through the application of planet Earth’s finest acid rave music.  The affable android regularly brings a warm, fuzzy feeling to the crowds at Space Cassette and has been known to catalyse euphoria at terrestrial festivals such as Bluedot, Solfest and BeatHerder.


Emma Clair

Manchester based DJ and purveyor of Vintage Beats and Electro Swing, Emma is a true Gypsy Carrot favourite with her expansive knowledge of underground rhythms from every corner of the known world!  Performing at festivals and events across the Globe, Emma Clair has become a festival favourite and regularly performs at local events such as BeatHerder, Illuminaughty and her own event, Prohibition.  Prepare for a swing and a jive with Emma Clair on Saturday Night!


Heavily infused by the House and Techno scene to come out of his home city of Manchester in the 90s, Nanook combines an eclectic range of genres and styles with a heavy focus on pumping beats and rhythmical melodies to bring back distant memories of the earliest forms of tribal dance.  With two solo albums and a multitude of singles as well as EPs from his collaborative project, DropBoxAllStars, Nanook has managed to blur the boundaries of DJ and Producer creating a dynamic performance that defies genre pigeon holing.  Prepare for a serious dose of ritualistic rhythm!

Dom James

Dom James is a home grown locally sourced DJ with a true gypsy nature.  His love for any and all music from across the world gives him a bag of tricks suited for any and all occasions.  With a love for the lower end of the frequency scale and a range of influences from the likes of Groove Armada to Andy C, Dom is a true master of versatility.   Playing at events such as Camden’s Electric Ballroom and Bowlers Exhibition Centre and recently starting a residency at Prohibition and Pop Ya Cork in Manchester, don’t miss the one and only Dom James!

De La Fits

One half of the Gypsy Carrot team, De La Fits holds the true gypsy nature close to his heart!  With a love for universal music spanning all rhythmic directions with a religious aim to capture the true essence of groove and nothing but the groove.  With a diverse musical background found through his love for the saxophone, De La Fits uses his insight into the expansive world of Jazz, Funk and Sould to find a groove in any and all genres he brings to the decks.  Prepare for a gourmet platter of food for the soul!

Free Beers

Gypsy Carrot resident Free Beers is a funk and disco orientated crate differ with a love for the obscurities.  Having spent many years with a guitar in his hands, Free Beers has swapped the super slinky’s for spinning, leaning heavily towards the instrumentally driven groovy oddities.  With a back catalogue stretching from the 1960’s to recently released re-edits and remixes, there’s plenty of groove to go around.  Get down early to catch the groove train….first stop, Planet Groove!

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