Artist submissions are now closed!

Artist submissions are now closed!

Thank you so much for every musician, every band, every agent and every believer who has sent us details of their band/act to be considered for this year’s programme.  We love the fact that there is so much talent and originality in music out there and that so many artists would love to perform at Cloudspotting.

This year more than any other, we have been inundated with a huge amount and range of talent but we only have so many slots we can offer and now that we are close to finalising our final programme for the festival we must close the door on submissions for this year.

Please feel free to contact us in the autumn for consideration for Cloudspotting 2018 and let us know if you have any upcoming dates close to us you think we should come and see you perform live at.

Have a wonderful summer,

Cloudspotting Festival Team x

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