Kids of Cloudspotting Takeover

You can’t plan a family friendly festival without making sure all the family is involved.  Our mini-advisers make sure that the activities we plan add a twist to the weekend featuring their favourite bits and spicing it up with some new surprises.  They also make sure that we add the elements to keep mum and dad happy too so that they can get on with the important task…..having fun! The Kids of Cloudspotting tell it how it is Our Kids of Cloudspotting are extremely well qualified to advise on what to include in our weekend programme and how we can improve on previous years activities.  Each of our special consultants have attended every single Cloudspotting Festival, seen it grow from it’s humble beginnings to the immersive festival it has become.  We have always valued their feedback and involved them in our festival planning and hope to meet their vision and exceed their expectations. Cloudspotting Kids Takeover We thought you might like to hear one of their industrious planning meetings.  One cannot doubt their dedication as they discuss all areas of the festival including music, activities, food and the location. Music Our festival enthusiasts know exactly what makes a fantastic live performance and they discuss in detail how they like their music to be multi-sensory, exciting visually as well audibly.  During their discussion they review their favourite Cloudspotting performances in the past as well as what they are looking forward to catching at the festival this year.  For full line-up details and to listen to some of the acts talked about, follow this link. Food From pizzas to milk-shakes and everything in-between is...






Adult Weekend Camping £50.00
Kids Weekend Camping (2-12yrs) £20.00
Teen Weekend Camping (13-17yrs) £25.00
Weekend Car Parking Ticket £10.00
Weekend Live-In Vehicle £30.00
Adult Saturday Day Ticket £30.00
Kids Saturday Day Ticket £10.00
Teen Saturday Day Ticket £15.00
Saturday Day Parking £5.00
U2’s FOC All Weekend

Wonderful to enjoy glorious countryside, a soundtrack of eclectic excellence and no sense of commercial exploitation…

Fun filled, fabulous, friendly full of character festival

Geese flying, adults clapping, children dancing, bubble man blowing, everyone smiling, happiness radiating

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