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28th to 30th July 2017

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“A classic combination of music, lovely food and drink, family and arts activities in a stunning location. It’s good value, and regulars applaud its non-commercial feel.”

 – The Guardian


“The human beings at Cloudspotting Festival were some of the most enlightened beings we have encountered on our Earth mission so far.  We danced together, we sang and clapped our hands.  All ages, united in one song.”

– Zpor, Henge

A family-friendly festival featuring:

2 Live Music Stages  |  Late night DJs  |  Outdoor Food Court  |   Interactive Arts  |  Music Participation Workshops  |  Cinema  |  Songs & Stories stage |  Early Years Music  |   Family & Field Theatre  |  Outdoor Pursuits  |  Mountain Biking  |  Health & Wellbeing  |  Beer Festival  |  Star Spotting…

“Probably the only festival left where you can listen to the headliner as you snuggle down with your kids and a glowstick in your tent.”

– The Guardian

Cabin in the Woods presented by Gypsy Carrot Productions – Line-up announced!

Cabin in the Woods presented by Gypsy Carrot Productions Gypsy Carrot Productions return to Cloudspotting this year to invite you on a journey into the heart of Gisburn Forest to discover the mysteries of The Cabin in the Woods!!! As the sun sets over mystic moors, prepare to venture deep into the forgotten forest to a timeless realm of magic and wonderment. Experience an exotic concoction of cosmic dross and gypsy grooves brought to you by travelling purveyors of intergalactic rarities. FRIDAY NIGHT DJ Woody ‘History of Hip Hop’ Known for his innovative approach to the art of turntablism, DJ Woody brings a whole new meaning to the name Disk Jockey. Inventor of a collection of revolutionary creative DJ apparatus and innovator in the world of Video DJing, DJ Woody is truly a reincarnation of the pioneers from the early days of Hip-Hop.  Who better to take us on a journey through the rich soulful world of Hip-Hop than the man himself DJ Woody! Space Cassette DJ’s feat. Talos 4000 Talos 4000 is a peace enforcement machine created by Solsisum Systems to help establish order across the Disputed Worlds.  The rogue unit achieved sentience through advanced meta-programming and was intercepted by the space-faring band of visionaries, Henge.  Since that fortuitous encounter, the amicable automaton has been spreading messages of love through the application of planet Earth’s finest acid rave music.  The affable android regularly brings a warm, fuzzy feeling to the crowds at Space Cassette and has been known to catalyse euphoria at terrestrial festivals such as Bluedot, Solfest and BeatHerder. SATURDAY NIGHT – GYPSY CARROT TAKEOVER Emma Clair...

Bo, food, drink and traders at Cloudspotting Festival – plenty to mooch about!

It only takes one pot noodle to remember why you don’t! Don’t bother with just add water, long life or “it tastes better when it’s warm/sweaty/flat” (delete as appropriate) food and drink.  There’s so mucn to do and enjoy at Cloudspotting this year, you don’t want cooking and washing clogging up your time when you should be doing some real Clogging….dancing! With returning favourites and some new additions, we have food to meet every craving, special diets and pockets.  Hot and spicy, carb-tastic, quick bite, Lancashire treats, fresh and healthy, veggie, gluten free…’ll find what ever tickles your tastebud at Cloudspotting this year. Don’t forget, we also provide dining facilities so you can enjoy your food in the outdoors whatever the weather! Chomp your way round the festival! Extreme Coffee, a family run business from South Manchester are here to start your day with a BANG!  Operating form their vehicle based in the main field, they offer a full range of hot drinks and tasty tray bakes.  If you like your drinks with a bit more slurp, Clitheroe based Shake Magic produce to order the most deliciously refreshing milk-shakes using locally produced milk and a variety of innovative flavours to suit every drinking taste. Cloudspotting food would be incomplete without Honest Crust Pizza.  Now back for their 5th year at Cloudspotting and nationally applauded for their award winning wood-fired sourdough pizzas, hand-stretched and cooked to order in 90 secs, what’s not to love? Following a storming debut in 2016, Luke and the Green Canteen is back with his delicious vegetarian and vegan treats.  If you didn’t try his coeliac-friendly falafel in 2016 you better make it...

Come and join the team – Cloudspotting volunteer social 25th June

Volunteer at Cloudspotting – make great friends and enjoy a fantastic weekend of music and arts Planning and plotting is well underway for the next chapter of Cloudspotting .  Once again, we are deep into Gisburn Forest and this year our programme is bigger, better, more exciting and filled with extra surprises. Be a festival hero Cloudspotting is always in awe of our fantastic volunteers – we really cannot run the festival without their support.  We need to get an A-team crew of volunteers on the case this year and you could be our festival hero. The festival takes place from the 28th July but we need volunteers from the 27th to support us with the festival set-up.  We would also be grateful if you could also stay to support the clear-up on Monday 31st July. Are you a people person or do you like to hang out with the techs? We have a wide range of areas and opportunities to get involved at the festival.  You may have previous experience or skills in a particular area or you might want to try something new – let us know and we will place you accordingly. What would you like to get involved with? Across the festival delivery we have identified the following areas where volunteers get involved: Box office Site traffic management Waste management and sustainability Family activities Artist liaison Accommodation management Production management Merchandise Site dressing Stewarding All we ask of you is 20 hours minimum of volunteer support throughout the festival weekend and in return you get access to our fantastic festival, free breakfast and home-made hot meal...

Cloudpsotting Music Festival has an Environmental Policy

Cloudspotting Music and Arts Festival is set in the beautiful Gisburn Forest in the heart of Bowland AONB.  Our Environmental Policy highlights our commitment to create a comfortable environment where man and nature can co-exist harmoniously.  We hope to create a space where you can experience and be inspired by our music, arts and environmental programme and learn how we can support wildlife and nature to live together in a world sustainable for the future. We are all the solution to the problem The Cloudspotting team recognises that climate change poses a serious risk to the quality of life now and in the future, and that reckless resource use, pollution of the natural environment, and wastefulness are issues which should be addressed by the festival. We are committed to taking steps to reduce the festival’s environmental impact Protect the natural world and environment for the future generations: The site the event takes place on and the wider world To minimise our contribution to climate change by limiting landfill waste: Reducing the festival’s carbon footprint, and working with audience and our suppliers to manage our festival waste more effectively. To become a role model for contractors and audience to inspire more sustainable living: Keeping environmental issues at the forefront of our onsite activities and inspiring others to make positive changes.   Measuring our carbon footprint and adopting new sustainable initiatives In 2016 as a member of the Northern Festival Network we undertook an audit of the festival to measure our environmental performance.  Our results enabled us to analyse our practices and plan how we can adopt new strategies to reach...

Cloudspotting Music & Arts Festival 2017 – We are a Northern Festival!

The more acutely logo aware readers out there may have noticed this logo on our flyers, posters, website etc,.  It’s the Northern Festivals Network.  A consortium of festivals committed to increasing the amount of high quality arts touring for families at greenfield festivals in the north of England.  We are in extremely good company with some of the biggest and brightest festivals in the country and Cloudspotting Music & Arts Festival has been a proud member since 2015. With the help of Arts Council England strategic funding, we aim to create an environment where a wide range of high quality outdoor family arts can thrive; utilising the work of great companies to develop audiences for family work outdoors.  Since becoming a member Cloudspotting has seen the benefit of membership and has increased its arts offering reacting to feedback from festival attendees and engaging with the fantastic range of programming offered each year by the network. This year we have Northern Festival Network supported programming throughout the festival and think that our offering is a fantastic fit for our location, audience and all round festival vibe.  This year we have chosen pieces from across the arts including bespoke installations, performance, spoken word and dance.  Some pieces will be in place or available all weekend, some are just for the day.  Although extremely varied, they are all suitable for all, accessible, engaging, interactive and entertaining. Between Still and Storm by Aidan Moesby and Tim Shaw, produced by Kerry Harker Aiming to provoke contemplation and wonder, Between Stillness and Storm presents a large-scale sculptural installation generating audio and visual responses to changing weather conditions, in daylight and...

Have you met Bo yet?

Have you met Bo?  Bo is the newest member of the Cloudspotting team.  She is our Hen Harrier mascot, a spokesbird for our Birds of Bowland Project, produced in partnership with the RSPB Hen Harrier Life Project and featuring activities throughout the weekend. Respecting our festival location In a location managed by the Forestry Commission England, Cloudspotting has the support from the FCE and the Arts Council to bring high level quality arts engagement into the forest, an area of traditionally low arts representation.  Home to some of the most stunning scenery and delicate wildlife habitats in Britain we have always encouraged audiences to explore the surrounding forest and engage with local wildlife.  This has developed to us incorporating wildlife issues into our activities programme to delivery important ecological messages of responsibility to an ever-increasing family audience. In 2016 Bowland AONB brought their Bowland Hay Time project to the festival. Facilitators ran workshops, activities and discussions about the importance of wild meadows to support the animals and insects who inhabit our festival location.  We learnt that these animals included wild birds and from that our Birds of Bowland Project began to take wings…… So why a Hen Harrier? We wanted to make birds that our native to Bowland our focus for the festival this year and we needed to recruit a representative to help promote this.  After research and discussions with the RSPB, Bowland AONB and the Forestry Commission we came to the conclusion that the Hen Harrier, although not alone on the endangered list, had the highest profile and notoriety.  Threatened with extinction this bird has a national network of supporters who scour the skies and...


Tier 1 tickets On Sale
Adult Weekend £109.00
Kids (2-12yrs) £30.00
Teen (13-17yrs) £55.00
Weekend Car Parking Ticket £10.00
Weekend Live-In Vehicle £30.00

Wonderful to enjoy glorious countryside, a soundtrack of eclectic excellence and no sense of commercial exploitation…

Fun filled, fabulous, friendly full of character festival

Geese flying, adults clapping, children dancing, bubble man blowing, everyone smiling, happiness radiating

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